The Bavarian Forest is known for its unique nature, untouched landscape, mountains and rolling hills as well as lush green valleys. But there is also a lot to experience in the cultural sector: We would like to give you a few suggestions for planning your leisure time and excursions. Of course there is much more to experience and discover. Just talk to us - our staff has plenty of (secret) goals ready!


Humboldt declared it one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And everyone who has seen this unique place with its three rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz and the picturesque alleys will agree with him. Mandatory excursion during the Bayerwald holiday

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„Pearl of the „Bohemian Forest“ or „Venice on the Moldau“: Both sound good - and both are correct. UNESCO lists the Old Town of Krumlov as a World Heritage Site. It is around 80 kilometers from Mauth and worth to be disvocered.

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Whole farms, farmhouses, a village smithy, a chapel and of course an inn have been brought together in Finsterau. The whole thing comes together to form a village - and you can take part in life as it was in the old days.

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Founded in 1970, the Bavarian Forest National Park is the first of its kind in Germany. Nature awareness on 25,000 hectares can be experienced on the many theme and hiking trails - and bears, wolves and lynxes can be observed in the animal enclosure.

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Go for a walk 8 to 25 meters above the ground and experience unique perspectives: the treetop path leads up to 1300 meters and offers fantastic views. And it is barrier-free and therefore also suitable for prams

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